Address: Piazza Municipio, Pescocostanzo


One of the oldest churches in Pescocostanzo, this is now used as a centre for conferences and cultural activities. It was badly damaged by the earthquake of 1706 and subsequently the facade and parts of the interior were rebuilt. 


The interior is divided into three naves and is covered by a pitched roof with wooden beams. Of interest is what remains of the 17th century altar with its damaged composite columns supporting the broken triangular pediment with a shrine in the middle.


The church, adjacent to the former convent of Santa Scolastica, has a rustic, stone facade and is framed by massive stone pilasters at both ends. In the middle section of the facade there is an elaborate 18th century portal with an order of banding with panels, kneeling ledges, and a lintel with a horizontal crowning. Above there is a rectangular window which provides illumination into the church behind. There is a small bell tower on the roof, in line with the right-hand corner cantonal stone. On the front left-hand side there is a stone portal with a triangular pediment and two small, simple splayed, semi-circular windows.