Address: Via Falconio, Pescocostanzo


It is a small church, inserted between the houses on Via D. Falconio and bound at each end by buttresses jutting out from the facade.  Instead of the straight termination of the facade, which was more common on the churches of Pescocostanzo, here there is a curvilinear cornice, with three rows of sloping bricks, probably from the 19th century. The 18th century portal, is flanked by two massive tile windows, with kneeling ledges that support the architrave. In the lintel is the head of a winged cherub with ribbons and a broken triangular pediment above.  The prospectus is concluded with an oculus at the top with a moulded, circular stone frame in the classical style with little egg shapes in the inner part.

Historical Notes

We do not know the exact date of construction of this church - only that it goes back to the 16th century. In the first half of the 17th century it was the headquarters of the Confraternity of Suffrage after which it passed to private hands and is now no longer used for worship.